Sunday, September 14, 2008

I missed Lisa soooooo much this week. School has gotten a little busier and to keep up I have been spending time on homework which I'd rather spend with my wife. Oh well, I also do enjoy the intellectual challenges teachers often require of their students as well.

One of the things I enjoyed this week was my racquetball class. I am improving - getting the techniques down well enough to win a few games - and I also don't have to sit at a desk while staring at a book.

I also enjoy my chemistry class. I may even enjoy it more than my classmates because while everyone seems overly concerned with getting the right answers (meaning they study only the things which the teacher requires) I am interested in learning the entire chapter as we study the book. I think that it is amazing that people in the history books took so much time to study and investigate the elements; They found out similarities, grouped similar elements and along the way made amazing discoveries which people like myself can learn of, use and hopefully improve upon. I feel as though I am still just gazing on the tip of the iceberg of knowledge available in the subject of chemistry. The introduction/overview of organic chemistry I have begun amazes me because I am learning that thousands and thousands of organic compounds are built out of mainly the same atoms but only in a different pattern. Though what I learn is exciting I must admit I still hold back from accepting all that I learn since even the most dependable scientific laws may have instances of exception. I do, however, have a great desire to learn this "language" of science so that I am able to work with the educated world and I do trust all that has been learned enough to use it when I do enter into the working period of my life in the not too distant future.

Well I could go on and on about school but I should get back to spending time with Lisa.

As people I know and care about are reading this I hope you all know that I miss ya. Have a great week.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

One More to go . . .

Well, we'll be moving to our own place a week from tomorrow. The time spent with our parents will always be a treasure which most people never do enjoy. I believe both Lisa and I have gained a greater perspective of the lives we lived before we met and fell in love. Understanding who our parents are will allow us to share what we know with our kids later in life too.

Today I decided to visit another church. I met a christian at school who was very determined to live a christian life and who does not believe exactly what I believe. Living in a country with thousands of differing religions means that I think it is completely okay that we have differing beliefs - we're free to choose after all. But since our beliefs differ and we both believe the bible to be accurate we came to the understanding that one (or both) of us must be wrong (of course we each believe that we are members of the "true" church already). We decided that if we visited each both churches together, and sat down with ministers to go over some of the doctrines of the church not only might we gain greater truth but we might help to spread religious tolerance too. Fortunately we not only have the scriptures to go by but as we study religious beliefs we can also pray to ask our Father in Heaven about the truth and he will answer our prayers (James 1:5 . . . one of my favorites).

So, yes, religion is important to me but , no, I do not like to force religion on people.

The rest of my week, though enjoyable, was not that eventful. I was surprised in racquetball after playing a couple players that must have been pros (it is a beginning class). Not only did I get stomped on but they taught me too. Chemistry and math are intellectually stimulating and the walk between classes is far now . . . but things overall are going well. I still miss my 'ol fam and hope to become affiliated with one or two groups doing fun activities (like hiking or soccer) but I'm getting a bit settled down now.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

School has begun! This week was not as hectic as I thought that it would be, however, I was running all over the place learning where things are to make it a successful semester. I'm continuing chemistry, starting calculus, taking an engineering design class and my fun class will be racquet ball. Unfortunately my class schedule is not perfect - due to the mandatory orientation (only 2 days before school started I could register) - but I have the classes I need and if I end up having to run to get to a class on time for one semester that's okay. Let's see . . . the only other news is that the sunday school class I teach is going well - they're a good bunch of kids. Well, have a Great Week Everyone!
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The summertime is comming to a close . . .
The short break from school was greatly needed but now I will be able to return to continue my education. I have transferred to UNM which means I am now a Lobo!
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Camping for Two!

Lisa and I had a wonderful camping trip last week! The Jemez mountains are beautiful this time of year so we saw nice views, green plants and the temperature was just right. When we set up camp I was expecting the regular "guys" campsite but Lisa added a cute style to the site with a simple table cloth, a clothesline, our cute camping chairs and even used a watter bottle as a vase to keep a few flowers in.

On the first day we set up camp, started a fire and cooked dinner before going to sleep.

The next day we hiked to a hot spring - actually it was a pool of water at just the right temperature - and after the two mile hike, jumping into a pool of water was very refreshing.

On the third day we took down our tent, packed up and drove to a trail head where we hiked through some very green vegetation while listening to the running water of a small stream - which was nice considering we live in a desert.

We haven't done very much hiking so far but we both find the outdoors enjoyable so with a newly purchased hiking guide to N.M. we will more than likely go hiking again and perhaps we will convince some of our friends to join us . . . especially since we want to hike a few remote trails where we'll want more people to accompany us - there is safety in numbers after all.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

School's Out!

Lisa is soooo cute! She wants to be in charge of our joint page & all the fun things we do I guess so I will be happy to let her. . .

Finally summer school is over! I have put so much into school this past term that at times I was sooo stressed out - I am soooooo happy to be finished.

This last week Angela showed up to help mom and pop work on the garage, so I went over and helped. The garage was insulated and sheetrocked (last year), and now we've sanded and primed the walls. I think Angela is going to help build shelves to organize clutter and this will put the garage in working order.

My intent in keeping this blogger page is to keep in touch with family. . .and we'll see how it goes.